Dating A Friend - Study Dating - The Way To Go For Students

Dating A Friend - Study Dating - The Way To Go For Students

Dating A Friend - Study Dating - The Way To Go For Students

Study dating, test dating, tutoring, whatever you want to call it, it may be a great way to get together with no pressure on either one of you to amuse the other. You already have the date material in front of you, your homework. There is no need to try to impress one another because all you are doing is studying, right?

You can meet at one another's house and study or you can make arrangements to meet at the library at the school or the public library for your test dating. If it is in the late spring or early fall and the weather is still nice, you can meet in the park or if the weather is bad you can go to a coffee shop. This option would work well if you need to use your laptops and need a wifi source.

The weekend before the test, have lunch together and study while you eat. Go dutch, that way no one feels responsible to have to pay for the other's lunch. If the subject of study is ancient relics you can go see some at a museum to gain a different perspective on what it is you need to know. You might just learn something your text book didn't tell you. Getting an up close and personal look at the type of ancient relic or artifact may just help you make the grade on that test or put you over the top when writing that essay.

Study dates can be done in groups, too. If there is a class project to be done it is best for the group to get together to put it all together from start to finish and present the project as a whole. Sometimes studying for a test in a group can bring a lot of different study skills into play, and if two heads are better than one, how much better are four, six, or eight heads?

Studying in a group can be a good thing to do if you do not have good study skills. You can learn from your peers and maybe find a way to get the information in your head so it will stay there. Some people are really good at association when needing to remember something and others may need to write things down and read them over and over again to remember them. Still others just need to hear something said to be able to remember what they need to remember.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when having a study date is to remember to keep it more study than date. You really are not there to socialize, you are there to get to know the study material. You can work on your relationship on your own time, after the big test. It will not do either one of you any good to screw around while test dating and not learn the material. All you will end up doing is failing, so keep your minds on the material, not each other.

In future blogs we will be discussing single ladies looking for marriage, single man looking for serious relationship, and relationship day.

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