Sex as Habit

Sex as Habit

Sex as Habit

If you feel that your sex life became just another habit, sexologists advice to change your way of thinking. Concentrate on intimacy not only on actual intercourse, because these are different things. You cant expect that your partners desire will remain the same as when you just started your relationship without applying any efforts to keep in high. Everyday routine, lack of romance, can cause the fading away of any desire.

When a person complains that he got tired of or fed up with sex with his/her partner, saying that he/she knows every inch of his/her body, the true reason for that can be the lack of communication between the two of them. Most probably they haven't had an open conversation for ages. But you should always keep in mind that communication is vital for your sex life, as you have to permanently update your knowledge of your partners sexuality. Our sexuality doesn't remain the same, it changes. Never stop asking your partner about his/her sexual fantasies, as it can easily turn out that you have no idea of your lovers needs and wishes.

A great number of problems in their sex lives is a characteristic trait of modern business women. After a hard work day they simply ignore their partners and their sex life doesn't take a leading place in the list of their priorities, which is totally wrong.

Another misconception is that only everyday sex can keep your feelings fresh and help to maintain sexual interest towards each other. But its not quantity, but emotional openness of both partners can preserve your sexual desire. Talk with your partner about your feelings, about the happy days you had together in the past.

When you are in a long term relationship its necessary to surprise your partner from time to time.

Remember the joke this man is married for a long time, and he prefers to have sex lying on his right body side. Wonder why? Because its the most comfortable position to watch TV and have sex simultaneously. Therefore, never let anything distract you from love making process. This kills lust. Provoke and challenge one another for changes. For instance, if you think that he grew fat and that is the reason of your lack of desire, buy him an exercise bicycle. Or you can buy her 2 sizes smaller lingerie, so that she has the reason to loose couple of pounds. The main rule here is not to keep your dissatisfaction inside. Share your complaints with your partner. If you dont do that, the things will only get worse.

You have to apply all your skills to enrich your sex life. Turn on your imagination, creativity, all means and resources will do. The more extravagant – the better. And don't forget about sexy lingerie by the way.

Role play is also a great way to skip the routine and refresh your sexual life. Today you can play a secretary, for example, tomorrow turn into a school girl or a sexy nurse. Be different every day and never let your sexual life turn into routine duty.

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