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How To Read Music: For Beginners - A Simple and Effective Guide to Understanding and Reading Music with Ease

How To Read Music: For Beginners - A Simple and Effective Guide to Understanding and Reading Music with Ease

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Music Reading Made Simple - Discover the Simple Step-By-Step Process to Learning How to Read Music
** A Successor and a Sibling to the Best-Selling Book: Music Theory - From Beginner to Expert, by Nicolas Carter **
    • Bars, notes, clefs, staves, time signatures, common notation, musical symbols… Have you ever wanted to learn how to read music but it seemed too difficult and not worth the effort?

    • Have you tried searching for information online only to find yourself more confused by the seeming complexity of music theory and written music?

    • Do you think that being able to read music and sightreading is only reserved for professional musicians who have had expensive education?

    • Do you want to be able to quickly learn how to read sheet music and have a proper understanding of how music is written?

  • Do you want to advance your skills as a musician?

This in-depth book is the answer you may be looking for. This is the straightforward and concise guide meant to show that learning this valuable and impressive skill can be made simple, easy and fun, for any musician, on any instrument, at any time. It is meant to show that there is a simple process to learning anything, and music reading is no exception. You don’t have to attend music schools or expensive private classes and courses; anyone can learn how to read music by being self-taught.

This book is going to help you easily understand music notation and how it relates to music theory. Along with the provided images, sheet music scores and music reading exercises, it will help you to build a proper foundation of knowledge, understanding, and skill; a foundation that will help you move forward as a musician.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll get:
    • A detailed overview of a typical musical staff and its elements.

    • A detailed explanation on frequency ranges, clefs and their relation to note pitches.

    • Everything you need to know about key signatures and how to interpret them.

    • A thorough understanding of the circle of fifths.

    • Best step-by-step approach to reading notes and chords.

    • Solfege explanation.

    • A complete guide on how to read rhythms, how beat is divided, note durations, rests, ties, dotted notes.

    • Fundamental rhythmic blocks and how to create rhythm patterns.

    • How dynamics, articulation and extended techniques are notated.

  • A complex exercise set to practice your skills and start sightreading!

- And much, much more...

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