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Pheromones: The Top Secrets to Sexual Attraction Revealed

Pheromones: The Top Secrets to Sexual Attraction Revealed

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Can you attract the opposite sex with sweat, perfumes, and smells? 

When we think of pheromones, we often think about animals, but humans have pheromones, too, and they have a profound effect on social interaction, sexual attraction, and territory protection. Pheromones are volatile and odorous. There are different types of pheromones, and it is definitely worth studying them.

As you dive into the scientific explanations and intriguing content of this audiobook, you will find that you learn more about the primitive instincts that drive people to find a partner, reproduce, and protect their own species. As humans, although we are different from animals in creative ways and in terms of having more freedom of choice, we are partially motivated by deep instincts that shape our society. 

In this audiobook, you will find answers to questions like:

  • What is the psychology behind pheromones?
  • How do pheromones make your more attractive to the other sex?
  • How do you attract women with pheromones? 
  • How do you attract men with pheromones? 
  • How do you increase your natural pheromone production? 
  • Which products and foods can you get to increase pheromone attraction?

Discover the subtle secrets that make people more attractive, the invisible little substances in the air that trigger desire because of fragrance, hormones, and fertility. Find out what you can do to become more attractive and how individuals and companies have been using these types of tricks on you.

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