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Reversing Your Hair Loss - A Practical Scientific Guide

Reversing Your Hair Loss - A Practical Scientific Guide

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It is a sad fact that we will all lose our hair at some stage, even if only through old age. The real problem is when it happens to us before then. Very few people have any clear idea why premature thinning and loss occurs, but collectively we spend an extraordinary amount to try and reverse it. The hair restoration industry is worth more than ten billion US dollars per year. Yet, the alarming truth is that there is little to no regulation of the industry and most of the 'cures' simply do not work.

If you are concerned about your hair loss (and it does not matter whether you are young or old, male or female, completely bald or just thinning) then this book will almost certainly help you.

The first few chapters deal with hair itself; what it is and how it grows. Armed with the facts you can immediately start sorting truth from fiction regarding products and services.

The second section deals with actual hair-loss. From what we read and what we are told, we are generally led to believe that hair-loss is a single, time-driven, linear process that is as inevitable as it is simple. The truth is, though, that it most certainly none of these. Again, some parts may surprise you, whilst others may even shock you.

The last part deals with restoring your hair. Outlined in these chapters are therapies and supplements that can replace the current drug treatments on offer. Other therapies are highlighted that, if added to your existing routine, could make significant improvements to your overall strategy. Lastly, some of the therapies suggested have success rates touching over ninety percent just by themselves.

The very last chapter of the book highlights companies offering treatments that will be available in the very near future. These treatments promise complete regeneration of your hair, however long you may have been bald.

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