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The Billionaire Daddy Test

The Billionaire Daddy Test

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Cynical Billionaire, Sean O'Leary, watched his friends find the loves of their lives through an online dating service, but has doubts it can help him find his perfect match. He and his brother were raised by an alcoholic father. He worked his way through college. His brother enlisted into the military. Sean joined as an officer after college. After multiple deployments, he and his brother left the military. His brother committed suicide after he got out. Sean considers himself too messed up to marry.

Working as a new assistant to Leslie, Ava is raising her little girl alone. Her husband died on his first deployment while she was pregnant. After five years, she's finally ready to date again, though she's not interested in marriage until her daughter, Lily, is grown. Having been raised by an unloving stepfather, she doesn't want that for her daughter. But she could use some adult companionship.

Though both of the adults have only dating in mind, little Lily wants a...

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