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The Billionaire Glitch Date

The Billionaire Glitch Date

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Billionaire Online Dating Service. Let us find your perfect match!

Finally convinced to try the Billionaire Online Dating Service, Billionaire construction giant, Dillon Jacobs is ready to build his own home and wants to start the life of his dreams, with his perfect match. He likes control of his destiny and is looking for a woman who understands and fits in the tight little box of his world.

A former corporate business analyst, Ariana Davis learned you can’t control everything. Her world crumbled around her when her husband died of cancer. To reground herself, she gave up her corporate job to start a yoga studio and meditation center to help people find the peace she so desperately desires. Though it’s been years since her loss, she’s not sure she’s ready to launch into another relationship. When her friend from her grief counseling group convinces her to at least go out on a date, she agrees to just one.

A computer crash and a subsequent reboot creates a glitch in the system. Ariana and Dillon are matched but the jury is out on whether BODS got it right. Can two people who are so different possibly be right for each other?

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