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The Black Girl's Guide To Being Blissfully Feminine

The Black Girl's Guide To Being Blissfully Feminine

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You’ve been told that you must be strong . You know what you want and you think you know how to get it, but no matter how hard you try, you still feel like there’s “something missing”, you are overworked, tired, and ready to give up. Author Candice Adewole knows your struggle and, more importantly, knows how to get you headed in the right direction. 

The Black Girl’s Guide to Being Blissfully Feminine was written with you and countless other wonderful women like yourself in mind. It is more than a book. It’s a movement – a movement toward the very things you were put on this Earth to do: love unconditionally, nurture without fear, and live your truth. 

Part inspirational guide, part how-to manual, this book will not only walk you through the process of embracing your femininity, but will introduce you to all the benefits that can come from opening up your heart and your life to the possibilities. 

If real love and commitment are what you’re after, this book is for you. If attracting the right man and building a strong foundation for your family with him is what you desire, this book is your answer. If being magnetic and powerful is what you want, then this book is for you. If bridging communities and mending relationships are something you aspire to do, this book will give you practical everyday tips on how to do that. If the idea of living blissfully in your true feminine essence is your idea of living wholly, this book is what you need. 

What are you waiting for? The key to your bright, beautiful future is here, waiting for you to open your heart and your mind to all the wonderful possibilities. Buy your copy today!

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